Bugs Seasson


Thick grilled masa cake with escamoles


1 pcs | Covered with a buttery sauté of escamoles—ant larvae—squash blossoms, and smoky pasilla chili. A culinary ritual of ancestral flavors.

Agave worm taco


1 pcs | For a taste of the exquisite agave worms from Tlaxcala, served on a tortilla made with native corn, over a sauce of fried garlic and orange.

Rice with bugs


180 g / 6.3 oz | A succulent dish offered every year, made with arborio rice, wild rice, escamoles—ant larvae—chicatana ants, and white and red agave worms.

Ants and Fish


130 g / 4.5 oz | Sustainably-farmed fish from Baja California, oven-roasted with a crust of chicatana ants, parmesan cheese and allspice, served with sautéed peas, and accompanied with grilled vegetables and creamed cauliflower.

Bug of the North


150 g / 5.3 oz | A Black Angus filet from Querétaro, served with a mole made with chicatana ants, accompanied with creamed palomas —adult escamoles— creamed wild herbs, and grilled vegetables from our ancestral floating gardens.

Anise-scented brioche


120 g / 4.2 oz | Baked in-house, coated with almond and macadamia praline. Finished with a sprinkling of rustic native chocolate.



250 ml | Runneght mezquila, hop tonic, flower syrup, lemon, mineral water.